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Risk Culture Analysis

The ability to accurately quantify an organisations human capital risk has been amongst the most challenging to measure. "The risks that corporates find the most threatening to their operation are those related to human capital, reputation and regulatory compliance". - The Economist Intelligence Unit.

With the increasing risk of regulatory compliance and reporting, accurately identifing and managing otherwise hidden exposures associated with managing human factors has become essential to the reporting of operational risk management culture.

Assessment Services

The use of assessment tools and methods available in measuring individual, team and organisational conduct risk are well suited to:

  • Meeting your reporting obligations
  • Corporate restructuring or management changes
  • Identification of Existing Financial Risk
  • Integrating and Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acqusitions
  • Acquirer cultural due diligence
  • Benchmarking current financial stability
  • Measuring progress of improvement or reform strategies
  • Obtaining an annual benchmark comparison of your organisational Risk Exposure

Test Expertise

Qualified and highly accredited organisational psychologists are involved in administering award winning assessment tools using best practice processes.

Test Process

A short online individual, assessment of appointed staff can yield an individual report on personal risk behaviours and derailers, (which can expose your business). A team view of liaisons, team behaviours/habits and communications which can impact on productivity and increase your risk can be done. Finally, a Cultural Analysis of your organisation identifying specific operational and systematic risks associated with human behaviour is available.

Administration, quantification, analysis and reporting of your Corporate Risk Exposure is swift and streamlined. This enables 'here and now' results with clear management and risk mitigation recommendations for board and management level review. This conduct risk report is especially useful for mandatory reporting organisations who need to identify conduct risk.

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