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Psychological Assessment

We offer a range of psychological processes to assist our clients in making quality Talent Management decisions in their workplace. We provide two assessment platforms:

1. Face to face assessment which involves a psychologist at all the key analytical and evaluative stages.
2. On-line assessments at the testing phase with psychological support at the debrief stage.

Assessment Services

The use of psychological tools and methods is well suited to:

  1. Profiling of staff for recruitment
  2. Benchmarking of key roles
  3. Succession planning of important positions
  4. Retention of general staff
  5. Development of high potential staff
  6. Organisational learning needs analysis
  7. Outplacement for new careers
  8. Organizational Risk Culture Analysis

Test Expertise

While we have conducted many assessments using both platforms; our clients have found that the more traditional face to face method of assessment has been highly beneficial to their businesses.

We are known for our handcrafted approach to constructing a test battery that accurately analyses, measures and predicts how a candidate is likely to perform or respond in any given situation.

Our testing methods are thorough and show remarkable test consistency over time. We recognise that test validity and reliability are important factors in quality assessments.

Test Process

As an example, a typical middle to senior management assessment process involves a candidate in four hours of test, exercises, and interviews. We will construct a battery of tests that are in alignment with the importance of the project. We aim to provide our clients with an appropriate level of information that enables good decision making.

The time commitment for testing varies depending on the role requirements; general level staff may be involved in a testing process of less than one hour, while testing for executives may be more than four hours.

Key stakeholders will receive verbal feedback within 24 hours and, if required, a written report within 48 hours or thereafter.

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