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Learning and Development

Over the years we have helped thousands of people to improve the way they interact with their world. We are known for our lasting behavioural change programs.

Our clients would say that we are able to impact positively on workplace attitudes and habits; enabling increased employee effectiveness and improved business unit productivity.

We believe the way a person thinks will determine what they do next. Attitude creates behaviour. As such, real change will occur when we can impact upon habits of thought. New ways of thinking enable a person to practice new actions; as a result, positive workplace habits begin to form.

Our Key Components to Quality Learning

  • Clearly identified behavioural change goals
  • Specific and individualised goals for each participant
  • A mentoring system to support course learning
  • Regular reviews of participant progress
  • Weekly feedback to manager or mentor
  • Workplace relevant course material
  • Interactive, facilitator led workshops
  • Small group, fun learning environments

Learning and Development Modes

  • Long course programs 2 hrs weekly for a number of weeks
  • Short course - 1 or 2 day workshops
  • Workplace seminars 3 hrs
  • Conference workshops
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Individual coaching or mentoring

Learning and Development Programs

  • Evolutionary Leadership
  • Evolutionary Thinking Critical Thought in a Changing World
  • Straight Talk The Essential Communicator
  • Negotiation in High Risk Environments
  • Maximising Personal Effectiveness
  • Essential Frontline Management
  • Mentoring for Success
  • Basic Sales for Immediate Results
  • Manufacturing Excellence High Performance Teams
  • Managing Others for Performance
  • Client Service Raving Customers

These are some of our regular programs. If you have a need outside of these standard courses; our years of expertise in learning, development and change, enable us to create customised solutions to meet your individual situation.

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