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Participant Quotes

The graduates from our Professional Development Programs are asked to form an original quote that reflects their learning from the program attended. 

Here are recent selections:

" Without awareness we limit our choices. Without choices we have no choice! " - Mark Sim

" Conditioning affects more than your hair. " - Shane Attwood

" To stop judging, is to perceive others around you to be better people! " - Yanna Polorotov

" Prioritise to maximise! " - David Bellamy

" Personal qualities are just as good as qualifications. " - Shawn Kinzett

" It takes more than a good leader to lead a team. " - Alison Gillespie

" If you worry about everything, you'll worry about everything.
If you stress about everything, you'll stress about everything.
If you manage everything, you can manage anything! "  - Glen Birkett

" Intention means nothing without ambition and we cannot achieve without that ambition. " - Fiona Pope

" There are many mountains in life, you just have to keep climbing to get to the top
and you will never fail until you stop climbing. " - Katrina Kelly

" Life comes down to two choices, get busy living or get busy dying. " - Joe Alphonse

" Beethoven's hearing loss did not effect his ability to compose music.....
It's through our inner ears, eyes, heart and mind that listening takes place.
Combined with great choice, courage and persistence;
become the master of your Symphony. " - Josephine Riccardi

" If the person in the mirror were to speak,
would you truly understand them? " - Gabriel Wilk

" How much clearer it is to look through a clean window -
without a dusty haze.  This course has taught me to clean windows! " - Fay Harden

" Life is like a box of chocolates, but when you are present and flexing
you can get what you want! " - Liz Algie

" Know that nothing of importance is simply said.  Be the person of presence and know
that if something is simply said, it is simply heard and simply forgotten! " - Marc Price

" When you are blaming something or someone, ask yourself -
have you done anything to change your situation? " - Mark Sim

" Catch yourself and you won't fall down! " - David Dubois

" It is not how people act towards you
but how you react to them that matters! " - David Bellamy

" Don't attempt to change the things you yourself cannot change! " - Ben McKay

" To condition yourself to listen, you must not only clear your ears
but also your eyes and mind! " -  Paul Elder

" Listen and listen and listen. " - Luis Martinez

' An illumination of the positives in life will refresh the soul. ' - Natalie Scicluna

" In a quiet moment of thought lies the door to a forgotten self.  Dare to open it and
embrace the journey of discovery that awakening brings! " - Fay Harden

" To truly learn how to understand others, one must first
learn how to understand yourself and how you have been influenced." - Natalie Geppert

" Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! " -  Rick Stacchinno

" It is better to ask than to tell.  It is better to be fully awake than in a waking sleep.
It is better to share ideas rather than holding back information. " - Peter Rosser

" In the beginning it use to always be my way or no way but now with some skills and the right
communication it is the team's way! " - Rebecca Massey

" Don't fear change, fear the what if of no change! " - Scott O'Brien

" A lot more can be achieved with patience and understanding, than with
frustration and confusion. " - Harry Beckhaus

" Life's an adventure on the landscape of time. " - Jack Hodge

" I have learnt to learn. " - Michael Kougias

" My goal is to have no potential! " - Ross Mildwater

" It's not how hard you work or how much time you put in.  It's the success and achievement
we receive at the end that counts! " - Mark Feltham

" Everyday brings new challenges.  How we manage them and what we learn from each experience
is what counts as it helps shape how well we deal with tomorrow's challenges. " - Mardi Sautchuk

" In order to reach your full potential, you must not be afraid of change or hard work.  Today's problem
is tomorrows goal - because there is no such thing as a problem - just situations to accept
and deal with! " - Jake Murphie

" No matter the hurdles, the pitfalls or the 3 am doubts.  Perseverance, clarity and an unrelenting
sense of doggedness are the key absolutes to the attainment of the so called impossible goal. " - Mick Tierney

" Body Language may tell a story or show an emotion, but the tone in which one speaks
may or may not confirm if this is the true feeling. " - Tanya Tuckwell

" Dancing uphill leads to the top of the mountain! " - Natalie Scicluna

" A journey can take you in many directions, awareness of the direction is what
we need to sustain the journey! " - Michael Hardy

" The only time it pays not to listen is when you say to yourself - I can't do it! " - Rick Noney

" I may not be able to do great things but I can do small things in a great way! " -  Tania Jayasinghe

" Have the courage to grow and the strength to act. Stay conscious of who you are
and focused on where you are going! " - Marc Price

" The sign of an intelligent man is one who admits his mistakes! " - Mathew Nield

" No matter what your life situation - you can always make the decision, to choose change! " - Lee Martinez

" It may not be relevant at this time but in time it will be relevant! " - Alex Harkness

" I came expecting to be challenged and I was. I leave still expecting to be challenged
but now I have the knowledge, tools and confidence to meet any challenges I may face! " - Keri Crellin

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