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Our Expertise

For over 30 years McKenzie Carrick has created and delivered a wide range of solutions in the field of Talent Management and Risk Management.

Our core expertise lays in the understanding of people and the management of the many and varied challenges that arise in busy workplaces.

McKenzie Carrick is a 30 year-old, well respected firm comprised of Organisational Psychologists who pride in the accurate profiling, of individuals, teams and organisations. As professionals dedicated to the identification, quantification and mitigation of human capital risk, their award winning tools and best practise methods lend them to a reputation of excellence and quality. They deliver solutions at senior level, that clearly identify, report and manage risk for organisations who inspire to attain preferred employer status and take risk management seriously.

Specialties include:

  • Providing statistically robust automated processes which exclude guess work and allow for the measurement of an organisations most valuable asset - human capital.
  • Quantifying business risk through human capital analysis
  • Cultural Risk Analyses
  • Merger & Acquisition Cultural due diligence
  • Providing Business strategies based on here and now analyses of organisations and people stemming from their common practises/ habits, attitude, aptitude, ability, behaviour and organisational or departmental culture.

Additional specialties include:

  • Psychological profiling of potential candidates for succession planning and for new positions to ensure job-fit and minimise expensive recruitment errors and risk to the organisation.
  • Psychometric assessment of individuals, teams and organisations to maximise productivity, develop teams, communication, management skills and personal leadership and assist with organisational culture.
  • Coaching and Training
  • Organisational Benchmarking
  • Profiling of corporations and individuals to maximise business effectiveness.


Organisational psychology forms the basis of our client relationships; over the years we have conducted many thousands of psychometric assessments that have added value to the lives of people and organisations. The information generated from these assessments is used extensively in profiling for recruitment, succession planning, culture analysis, outplacement and professional development.

As professionals in the field of learning, we are known for our lasting behavioural change programs. Since our beginning, we have assisted hundreds of companies to grow and develop their people, business structures and organisational culture and future.


Our learning and professional development staff routinely work with a wide variety of people ranging from employees, team leaders, supervisors, line managers, general and executive staff up to the CEO level. Coaching and mentoring form an important component in our working relationships with clients.

At times, people can be deficit in certain skill sets related to their role. As a result, we have developed a range of manager skills programs that allow for best practice in the client’s respective industry sector. Tailored courses, seminars, conferences and key note addresses are activities that we regularly engage in with our clients.


Our skilled facilitators have helped many organisations to visualise their future, create supporting values and develop proactive strategies to enable the realisation of the client’s vision.

Through extensive personal experience we are able to help our clients analyse complex challenges within their working environment. Our consulting expertise has assisted many organisations to undertake change projects with confidence.

Well Being

Our clinical psychologists are able to support our clients through EAP’s (Employee Assistance Programs), crisis and injury management as well as medico – legal reports. We regularly consult across a wide range of psychologically related issues; no situation is too small or complex for our staff.

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